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Our wholesale business offers an extensive range of materials designed to meet the hygiene and healthcare needs of funeral homes. We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable products that ensure dignity and care.&nbsp

Grooming products: We offer various care products, including disinfectants, gloves and protective clothing. These products are essential for maintaining hygiene and safety standards in facilities managing patient care and post-mortem care.

Body bags: Our range of corpse bags meets the highest standards of quality and durability. Available in different sizes and materials, our body bags ensure safe and respectful handling of remains.

Care equipment: We supply a range of care equipment such as stretchers, trolleys and other aids. These devices are designed to facilitate the safe and efficient movement and care of bodies within medical and funeral facilities.

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  • Zwarte nitril handschoenen S S / 100 stuks
  • Wegwerpschorten, biologisch afbreekbaar Universeel / 200 stuks
  • Waterdichte wegwerpschorten 120x98cm
  • TRUglue® wondlijm 5 ampullen 5 ampullen
  • Sterillium med flacon 100 ml 100ml
  • Sterillium flacon 100 ml 1liter
  • Sentina® beschermende jas steriel, 30 stuks Universeel
  • Peha-soft latex handschoenen, poedervrij S S / 100 stuks
  • OK-overschoenen, blauw 100 stuks
  • MoliCare® Premium Elastic MEDIUM M | 5 druppels M
  • Meliseptol Foam pure 750 ml 5 liter
  • Foliodress S beschermjas 122cm
  • Bacillol 30 Sensitive Foam oppervlaktedesinfectiemiddel Sprayfles à 750 ml 5 liter
  • Antislip overschoenen 41cm / 100 stuks
  • Absorberende patiëntonderleggers 60 x 90cm 40x60cm
  • Body bag, basic, rechte rits, 4 handgrepen 30
  • Body bag, plantaardig, rechte rits 25
  • Body bag, plantaardig, ronde rits 25
  • Body bag, plantaardig, soft 25
  • Wegwerpschort niet steriel Universeel / 100 stuks
  • Ziekenhuishemd Düsseldorf Universeel