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We offer a wide range of urns made from different materials, so you can find the perfect match for your customers' needs. Our collection includes:

Biodegradable Urns: Ideal for environmentally conscious customers, our biodegradable urns are made from sustainable materials that naturally degrade. These urns are perfect for green burials and come in a variety of designs that honour the environment.

Ceramic Urns: Our ceramic urns are expertly crafted and available in a wide range of colours, patterns and finishes. These urns offer a timeless and elegant way to honour a loved one, suitable for both modern and traditional tastes.

Glass Urns: Our glass urns are true works of art. Hand-blown and carefully crafted, each piece is unique. Available in different shapes and colours, these urns offer a beautiful and delicate option for memorialisation.

Metal Urns: Durable and sophisticated, our metal urns are made of high-quality materials such as brass, copper and stainless steel. They come in a range of styles, from classic to modern, ensuring durability and lasting beauty.

Wooden Urns: Made from different types of wood such as oak, walnut and cherry, our wooden urns offer a warm and natural look. Available in various finishes and designs, they offer a comforting and earthy option for memorialisation.

Our extensive range serves all price ranges, from affordable options to luxury, high-end pieces. Whether your customers are looking for simplicity or an intricate design, our urns ensure that everyone's preferences and budget can be met.

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  • "Flower Field" bloemen Urn2
  • Vogel Urn Klein Grijs Bruin
  • Mini urn vogel blauw Default Title / 8cm / 12cm
  • Mini urn vogel goud Default Title / 8cm / 12cm
  • Mini urn vogel groen Default Title / 8cm / 12cm
  • Mini urn vogel wit Default Title / 8cm / 12cm
  • Mini urn vogel crème/beige Default Title / 8cm / 12cm
  • Mini urn vogel roze Default Title / 8cm / 12cm
  • Mini urn vogel oranje Default Title / 8cm / 12cm
  • Mini urn vogel rood Default Title / 8cm / 12cm
  • Urn rond met mokka bol
  • Urn rond met mokka bol kaarslicht
  • Urn in schaalvorm donkerbruin
  • Urn mokka vierkant met tranen
  • Urn donkerbruin met mokka decoratie
  • Urn groot in bruin met kaarslicht
  • Vintage urn hout 6L
  • Houten urn 6L
  • Bio urn 360° 2/191f
  • Bio urn 360° Bankje bij de rivier · Abrikoos
  • Bio urn 360° Biddende handen · Fumé
  • Bio urn 360° Engel · Staalgrijs
  • Bio urn 360° Kruis in zonsondergang · Abrikoos
  • Bio urn 360° Moeder van God · Parelmoer