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Funeral Trading offers a diverse selection of coffins. From eco-friendly, processed wood to cardboard. Funeral coffins are available in all price categories and preferences. Our products are designed with both the environment and quality in mind, ensuring a respectful tribute to the deceased.

Eco-Friendly Caskets: Committed to sustainability, our eco-friendly caskets are made from renewable resources. These caskets reduce environmental impact and are ideal for customers looking for a green alternative.

Variety of Wood Finishes: Our crates are available in an assortment of wood finishes, including oak, maple, cherry and different types of wicker. Each type of wood is chosen for its beauty and durability, offering a classic or contemporary look to suit every preference.

Caskets can also be fully personalised through a wrap of any image possible. The print, wrap and glue are fully biodegradable and thus can be used in any funeral.

From Affordable to Premium Range: We understand the importance of budget considerations and our product line ranges from economically priced models to high-end luxury options. Each coffin is carefully crafted, ensuring quality across all price points.

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  • Doodskist Eiken Rustiek
  • Uitvaartkist Wit Luxe
  • Eco grafkist met touwgrepen 195x55cm
  • Eco uitvaartkist ronde handgrepen 195x55cm
  • Kapkist in naaldhout 195x55cm
  • Luxe kartonnen grafkist 195x55cm
  • Luxe zwarte kartonnen grafkist 195x55cm
  • Uitvaartkist Traditioneel Eiken Look
  • Uitvaartkist Luxe Noten Look
  • Grafkist Wit
  • Eiken Grafkist Eco
  • Wilde Borracha Eco Uitvaartkist Modern
  • Uitvaartkist Eiken Look
  • Grafkist Notenhout
  • Uitvaartkist Eiken Beits
  • Moderne Eiken Uitvaartkist Massief
  • Uitvaartkist Blank Eiken
  • Moderne Naaldhout Eco Grafkist
  • Eiken Grafkist Luxe open
  • Grafkist Ongelakt Nikkel Eiken
  • Eiken Uitvaartkist Zwart Nikkel
  • Exclusieve Grafkist Eiken
  • Grafkist Exclusief Mahonie
  • Naaldhout Grafkist Eco bewerkt